3 Things People Dont Know About This Nigerian Celebrity “Mbakara”

Nov. 23, 2019
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Mbakara Martins Endurance is a Nigerian rapper, song writer, actor,hypeman, and also an O.A.P(On-Air-Personality)
He was formally known as Mercury
before  changing his name to Mbakara
the name was given to him by his late grandma , from the day he was born(Mbakara)
Born and raised in different area’s of lagos,Nigeria.
Mbakara started rapping during from his childhood,
As a little boy then, he was so addicted to the radio.
and he likes playing around with words.
born 10th June 1983,ikeja,lagos,Nigeria.
Mbakara went to primary and secondary school in Lagos.
he had performed in different occasions
with liveband,clubs, streets carnival and many more in his credits.
he loves to read and inspire people
he also went to professional course
where he graduated with a certificate as an O.A.P(On-Air-Personality).